Friday, February 13, 2009

Thank you for...

As winter rears its ugly head again today, I'm trying to be grateful that we had such gorgeous weather rather than lament that it has to go away. After all, spring in February is an unexpected gift!

We're thankful, Lord, for days that give us hope that spring is coming again!

Thank you that we only had to wait until February to take a first ride in Mason's birthday wagon...and for a daddy willing to pull.

Thank you for a neighborhood full of kids out to play.

Thank you for a day to wear no winter coats, hats or mittens.

Thank you for melting the snow so that Mason could find sticks again (and try to eat them)!

Thank you for a new patio to play ball on.

Thank you that when we fall, You always help us up!

Thank you for keeping our camera safe when I left it outside on the patio all night...and it rained.

Thank you for the gift of time to play outside and for the way it refreshed us all.

Thank you for giving us the variety of four seasons.

Thank you, Lord, that, summer or winter, your mercies are new every morning! Oh how I need that!