Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Mason loves to sing and does it often, but whenever I try to catch it on video he gets silly and stops. Well, I finally got him to do it last week, so here's his rendition of "Baa, Baa, Black Sheep" and a short version of "God Made Me," his current favorite from the church nursery.

First Splash of Summer

With our current heat wave, Mason got to get out his swimming pool for the first time yesterday. (After seeing how small it was, Brent has now agreed that we can get Mason a larger pool for the summer. Yay!) Mason loved it and wanted to swim again this morning. Alas, this morning we have a monsoon instead! Mason did lots of "swimming" with the excellent skills he learned at swimming lessons. Though he's not exactly a "fish," I really can tell that he is feeling much braver and more comfortable in the water. Swimming lessons were not in vain! Now if we could just get him to do something other than the official "Cheese!" expression for pictures...are there lessons for that?!!

The Potty Train has left the station...

The question now is whether the Potty Train will continue on its journey or return to the station for repairs! I decided to build off his one success on Sunday and just go for it with the potty training. Yesterday we had a banner day: 5 successful trips to the potty with just one accident and lots of excitement about the process. And, he even woke up dry from his nap and then went potty. I was pretty pumped, and Mason was too! Today, however, so far we've had two accidents, no successes, and no excitement about the process. Sigh. But I'm staying on track for now. We'll see which trend continues--the Potty Party Train or the Potty Train Derailment Project.

Either way, he really looks cute in his Thomas undies.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Announcing Mason Gaulke's first successful potty experience! It happened this very morning. It was just a little potty, but it felt like a big victory! Mason agreed when he received a big tasty sucker. He did first pee on the floor a little bit, but he must be starting to get the "feeling" because he stopped himself. Ah, the things you celebrate when you have a two-year-old! Nice work, buddy! Now the question is whether it's an isolated incident or the beginning of the end of diaper wearing at our house.

I hope he's thinking, "I'm going to go potty forever if I get a cool sucker like this!" (We'll break the news to him later about the "limited supply" of suckers.)

Enjoying a little sucker with his Cheerios. (And also being disobedient by sneakily, yet defiantly, putting his milk cup on his chair right after Mommy told him to put it down on the table. But hey, he went potty! That gets you a free pass for a few minutes, anyway.)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tulip Time 2010

Another Tulip Time is done. With it came lots of wind, lots of food, a parking lot in our yard, tons of help from grandpas and grandmas, a world record, our first time on the 21-man bike, more cheese races, a few sore muscles from dancing in wooden shoes so much (yes, sad but true), and total exhaustion. Good times! Last night I did say to Brent something like, "No more Dutchy stuff!" So, I think 3 days is plenty of fun for us!

Enjoy the slide show of Tulip Time fun!

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