Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pain & Privilege

Mason has been sick this week. His first ear infection--and really his first sickness beyond a few sniffles. The poor guy has fallen asleep on my lap more times in the last couple days than in the last six months combined! (Although I hate that he's sick, I am thoroughly enjoying the cuddling.) I'm thankful that this afternoon he has taken a huge turn for the better, and he's toddling around again.

Over the last couple days while Mason hasn't been well, I've been noticing something about being a mom. There have been several times that I have cleared my throat or coughed, hoping that it would clear Mason's throat. Or I've found myself taking a deep breath, hoping it will help him catch his breath after a bout of coughing. As moms, I think it's just innate that we want to fix things for our kids. And it's painful not to be able to do that, even when he just has a minor ear infection. I think of other parents I know or have read about and wonder how they can even handle the ongoing illness or the loss of a child. So I've been thinking about the pain of being a mom, a pain that will never go away as long as the world isn't perfect for our kids.

On the other hand, I've been noticing something else too. As Mason has needed his mommy to cuddle him, I've loved to be the one to comfort him. And I've thought of the privilege it is to be the one (along with Brent) to be chosen to love Mason. As his mom, I get the gift of knowing him better than anyone else. I wouldn't be anywhere else!

So that's my musing for the day, the pain and privilege of being a mom. I guess that's what happens when you love someone so deeply. (I know other moms--and dads--can relate!) I'm so thankful for the gift of Mason and the role of being a mommy to our boy. It's a high calling and a great honor!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Making Tracks

I decided it was about time that I gave you a glimpse of our little go-getter walking up a storm. It is by far his favorite thing to do! I told Brent the other night that Mason has to be exhausted because all he does all day is walks. In fact, he walks around and around the house carrying his favorite random object of the moment--anything from a large plastic bracket that is almost as tall as he is to a plastic bowl or utensil (as you'll see in the clip below). Yesterday he was even walking back and forth in his crib (not holding on) when I went to get him up from his nap. We love our crazy little guy...and laugh at him a lot!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Today is Beth's Birthday!
Join with me in wishing her a Happy Birthday.
Love you Bethy!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ode to My Hardworking Husband

Last night found my hubby working outside in the dark, feverishly trying to finish our awesome patio. He did it! It really is awesome, and he has put in many, many hours--often after already working his "real job" all day. So for that he deserves an ode, don't you think?

Ode to My Hardworking Man

How I love thee, my strong man,
for always working hard
Just to make our home a place
to rest and play in the yard!

A brownie sundae is not enough
to truly say a thank you
But it gave us something to celebrate--
and a sweet bedtime snack, too!

I'm really so thankful for all that you do
To make our life a joy
I've been given more than I deserve
With you and our little boy!

Here's to you, honey! Thanks for all your hard work! I love the patio...and I know the real reason you made it is to cuddle around the fire with me! :)

(I'll post a picture of the patio soon, too!)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Busy Morning

This morning I took on a challenge--caring for 4 children, 3 of them being under 2! My nephew Will was here and the littlest Hopkins tikes came to play, too. I wasn't sure I could do it when I agreed to it, but figuring in Mason's nap and a good-as-gold baby boy (You're a little stud, Trent!), I thought it could work. And thankfully, it did! Of course, Mason decided to take the shortest nap of his life this morning so Trace and Mason got in each other's space a few times, and poor Trent needed protection from my son, who is clearly not ready for another baby in the house yet. :) I don't think he left any permanent marks. However, overall everyone was happy, and we had a good time! I give big credit to moms who have lots of little ones at home. I did it semi-successfully for a couple hours, which seemed like an accomplishment to me! A few pics from our morning...
It wasn't easy to catch them all in the same frame!
See, everybody's happy! :)

Mason & Trace sort of playing together.

Poor Trent just resorted to watching TV when he realized everyone was too busy to play with him!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Walker, Texas Ranger?

So, the other day as Mason was taking a few steps, I randomly called him Walker, Texas Ranger. Who doesn't remember the beloved Chuck Norris and his *amazing* roundhouse kicks, narrow escapes from exploding buildings and his ability to come out on top no matter what? *Wow!* This silly comment brought to mind certain images, as you can see.

Below is an actual video of Mason taking a few steps last Sunday. You wouldn't want to ask him to walk a straight line, but he's getting better--and braver--every day. He has done up to 8 or 9 steps in a row now, so he's getting close to truly being a walker!

(By the way, Walker must be really paranoid about one of two things 1) that his pants are going to fall down or 2) that someone is going to steal his belt. Every picture I found, he's holding on to that thing. Trust us, Walker, we don't want the belt. It's soooo 1990.)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Exploring on a Fall Day

Mason loves to be outside, and it's my favorite time of year, too. So, the other day I brought Mason out to the back yard and let him explore. He was captivated by his surroundings (especially sticks!) and barely noticed I was even there. That's my favorite time to watch him--when he is simply being Mason in his own little world. You'll observe a few things as you watch:
1) He tries to eat everything.
2) I constantly tell him to stop eating everything.
3) He picks up one knee when he crawls on surfaces other than carpet.
4) He tries to eat everything...oh, did I already mention that?!

Driving the Foil...and Cars

Mason has always done a good "motor mouth," but he has now actually started applying it to objects as he "drives" them. As you'll see from the videos below, it doesn't necessarily have to be a car, truck or tractor to be driven. I'm telling you these boy things are innate!