Friday, December 19, 2008

Mason's Snow Day

I don't mind snow (for awhile), but I'm bummed about our most recent storm. We were supposed to head to Algona tonight or tomorrow morning to be with Brent's extended family for Christmas, and instead we're staying home with nothing to do. It's a weird year because now we have no Christmas celebrations at all until the day after Christmas! But since I no longer have to pack to be gone for the weekend, today I decided we'd make the best of it and go outside to try Mason's new sled. He was less than excited about the seemingly endless process of getting ready to go outside--from diaper change to snow pants to boots to coat, hat and mittens--but once we got out there, it was all worth it! We took many laps around the yard, barked back at the neighbor dog and attempted to walk around on the crunchy ice/snow. Not only did Mason enjoy it, but it was quite a workout for me! We were out there for about 45 minutes. It was really fun! It had been a long time since this girl had played in the snow! And anything is more fun when I know my son is loving it too.

Bundled up and ready to play!All strapped in to his new sled.

Barking like the neighbor dog, who got excited when he saw our sled whizzing by!

Wishing he could get back in and ride just a little bit longer. Another day, Buddy!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's Official...

Mason William is ONE! Though the day was pretty normal with a mess of toys, reading a million books, enforcing naptime and filling sippy cups, I found myself treasuring the moments a bit more today. Sounds so cheesy, but I really did! It's hard for me to believe that Mason is already a year old and that he has grown and changed so much so quickly. And the amazing thing is that every stage has been so incredible--when I stop to think about it, I'm struck by the honor it is to get to watch Mason develop, grow and change. I'll stop gushing about it now, but I wish I could somehow express the joy it brings me! It's impossible...

To celebrate our big boy's special day we went to McDonald's for supper where he enjoyed a cheeseburger and a yummy fruit and yogurt parfait that he got to eat with his very own spoon. That alone made his birthday as he is currently in love with utensils. Then we came home and let him open his gift from us, which was a Tonka dump truck and front loader hand-picked by Daddy. He fulfilled all our hopes by his "oohs" and "ahs" and the way he stepped back from them as if he were so in awe he couldn't take it all in. (Christmas will be fun!) As the grand finale, Mason got to see Aunt Sarah tonight. She stopped to give him his gift, which was a great little wooden wagon full of wooden blocks. Again, he cooed and oohed as he carefuly unwrapped it.

He was having such a good time...until he tripped on some wooden blocks and hit his chin on the back of his new dump truck! Poor guy was injured by his own birthday gifts. I'm telling you there is not enough room in our home for all these toys!

We love you and celebrate your life, Mason!

Some pictures of our day...

Enjoying his time with the parfait and the spoon.

This birthday gets a thumbs up! (Still enjoying the spoon.)

When we asked Mason how old he was, this is what we got...we're working on it. :)
Considering his beverage options...

and the Happy Meal toy selection. Ooh, tough choices.
What's in there? Peeking in as he opens his new Tonka machines.

Riding in the back of his new dump truck (before the injury).

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Party Time!

Mason's first birthday is on Tuesday, so we celebrated with family and friends on Saturday night with a "Things That Go" party. Mason had no idea that we were all there for him (though when you're one, you think pretty much everything is just for you!), but he had so much fun along with all the other kids. My two goals for the party were to 1) celebrate Mason and 2) provide a place for kids to have fun. I'm thankful to say that both were achieved!

Mason had his very own train cake, and he was not at all shy about digging in (see video). In fact, he either ate or destroyed every last bit of it. He also got many great gifts, including a big red wagon, a winter sled, lawn mowers, race cars, a truck, a tractor, a laughing/tickle-me Elmo and books. He loves them all! Now they are covering our living room, and we've got to do some toy sorting, especially with Christmas coming right up!

I want to say a HUGE thank-you to everyone who came and to all our family who helped immensely by bringing food and helping with clean-up and set-up. We felt blessed by having so many there who love our son and who are willing to help and support us. THANK YOU!

We also used the special occasion of Mason's first birthday for his dedication. It was a special time for us to dedicate Mason back to the Lord, ask for the help of our community and our Lord in raising him, and pray for Mason as he grows both physically and spiritually. It was really significant for us, so I'll write more about it in a separate post.

Enjoy these pictures of our party!
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1-Year Photos

Mason got his 1-year pictures taken on Friday, and he had a great time. We got photos that truly capture Mason in his essence! He really liked the photographer and thought she had tons of fun stuff to play with. I wasn't sure how it would go with him constantly "on the move," but he did great and we got lots of fun and natural Mason shots. To see them all, click the link below and use "mason" as the password.