Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bringing Back the Blog for the Big 3-0!

Brent turned 30 last week Tuesday, so we took the weekend to celebrate him. I couldn't let 30 go by without a memorable celebration!

After dropping off Mason for a sleepover at Grandpa & Grandma's, we headed to Jester Park to play the par 3 course there. I didn't get any pictures, but I should have because it was somewhat of a miracle day for me. I shot a 4 on at least 4 of the holes, only whiffed once, and only hit it on the ground once when I meant to hit it in the air. See, those don't seem like milestones to most people, but this was a banner day for me and my golf game. Even Brent was somewhat shocked, I think! He's an excellent coach and made me feel quite proud of myself. :) Anyway, less about me, more about Brent. It was really fun to golf together, and Brent rarely gets to get out on the course so we both really enjoyed it. Thankfully we just beat the rain, too!

Next we headed to the Iowa Hall of Pride and checked out their interactive displays. It's a neat place. Brent beat me at basketball, and I beat him at football (even though I was a Cyclone). We were totally bummed because we tried to do DDR but couldn't hear the music, so our dancing didn't really work out so well.
Before we realized DDR wasn't working...

Brent with the life-size statue of Nile Kinnick...who knew he was just a little guy! Go Hawks!

After a few errands and a stop for a little chips and salsa snack, we headed to our hotel to get dolled up for the evening's dress-up dinner at Macaroni Grill. Brent looked quite dapper in his suit and new shirt/tie combo. Fourteen of our friends met us there--an awesome turnout! Everyone looked great, and I think we all agreed that it was great fun to be out without the kids!

The Attractive Couples

The Birthday Boy and I with a delicious Macaroni Grill cake.

Make a wish!

The Birthday Girl! It was Amanda's 30th birthday on Saturday,
so we celebrated with her too!

We enjoyed some down time at our hotel Saturday night and Sunday, watching lots of House Hunters and Dirty Jobs. (We don't have cable so this is a real treat for us!) We had a great weekend. Brent told me he really enjoyed it--and that was the point. I think we both went home more tired than we started, but Brent felt celebrated and we had a great time together so it was a success!

Happy 30th, honey! I celebrate you and the awesome man you are!