Sunday, July 10, 2011

4th Fun!

I'm a little late on getting it posted, but I just can't seem to get much of anything done these days besides holding a baby boy! At any rate, here are some pics of our 4th of July fun at the parade in Sully. The day also included fun swimming with cousins in Grandpa & Grandma Nikkel's pool and fun with water balloons and fireworks in the evening. It was a good but exhausting day!

Uncle Duane and Cousin Emily leading the parade in his cool squad car

Brent was thrilled to get an orange slice as part of the loot we gathered during the parade. Mason got a whole bagful of candy! The Sully parade never disappoints...

How Mason watches every parade that includes any type of emergency vehicle. Also how he watches fireworks and, well, anything that might possibly make noise.

Our patriotic 3-year-old proudly waving his grand old flag.

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Angie said...

Gotta love the small town 4th of July celebrations :)