Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ice Cream PJ Party!

Today we are celebrating! Mason has moved into his big boy bed! He is very excited, and so am I. It feels like a big relief to me to begin this transition--another thing that makes me feel a bit more ready for Baby Boy to come! (It will be even more exciting when Grandma Gaulke makes his new quilt, which she has been waiting for me to make decisions about.) I really like how the boys' room lays out, and the rocker fits in our room okay too. Yay! I actually really like changes like these--keeping things fresh and being practical to make our space work.

To officially mark the occasion we surprised Mason with an Ice Cream Pajama Party and took him to Dairy Queen in his pj's tonight. He ate a little of his Dilly Bar, but mostly just enjoyed running around DQ like a wild man! He didn't take a nap today, so I think that makes it a good night for the switch. He's so tired that it was easy to settle him in. So far he actually loves it, so if we can keep him from jumping on it when he is supposed to be sleeping, we should be in good shape!
Did I mention that he was a wild man?

Mason's 3 kitties joined us at DQ as well.
It was quite a party!

Reading "David & Goliath" to us in his new bed.


Rochelle said...

the room looks great!

david & goliath are a fave for ethan too ... now he's getting obsessed with samson (or sammy, as he is randomly calling him) ... samson and goliath, two strong men ... one good, one very bad. annoyingly one of the children's bibles shows goliath smiling?! can we say CONFUSING?

Beth said...

Thanks! Yes, totally agree on the confusion. Mason at times is not sure whether to like David or Goliath better--I mean, who doesn't want those muscles, especially if he looks like a nice guy?!