Sunday, May 1, 2011

"I'm the Dutch Man!"

We got Mason to don his Dutch costume today, so we could snap a few pictures before the Tulip Time crowds move in. Thankfully he really liked the costume and repeatedly said in a silly, deep voice, "I'm the Dutch man!" I also convinced him that his black crocs are his Dutch dancing shoes this year. I really think he would be pleased with wooden shoes because he would like nothing more than to make that loud "klompen" noise as he walked along, but the crocs will have to do for this year! We had Dutch Family Singers practice this afternoon (this very pregnant lady is a spectator this year), and Mason did several of the dances with the kids. Should be a fun Tulip Time year if our usual lack of naps doesn't hinder our joy! The Gaulkes are always excited about another Tulip Time of food and fun! Bring it on!

Here are some of the pictures we snapped today! You'll notice that we get the same *very large* smile a lot. In the picture with his arm out to the side, he really is saying somewhat mechanically, "I'm the Dutch man!"

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